Jodas is an enterprising pharmaceutical company on a mission to change the course of life-care through bold pursuits in science, integrating all our activities of research, development, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain.

Our business focus evolves continuously with a customer–centered portfolio of high quality, effective, affordable niche and technologically challenging products from specialty therapeutic segments.

We are a committed, responsible company with a pulse on the rapidly changing innovation to commercialization landscape that develops business with integrity to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders, to society, and to us.

Jodas operations focuses on four specialty therapeutic segments with uncompromising quality.

Our focused therapeutic segments are:

  • Anti Infectives (Injectables & Orals)
  • Anti Cancer (Injectables & Orals)
  • Contrast Media – Injectables
  • Critical Care (Injectables & Orals)

Innovation: Focus on our expertise in specialized chemistry, development and formulation

Manufacturing and Logistics: Leverage our ability to manufacture challenging products and deliver them efficiently to market.

Regulatory Expertise: Entrepreneurial team of experts on regulatory affairs. Cost-effective resource utilization. Ensuring fast turnaround in business