Uncompromising QUALITY

With a promise of one STEP better…

At Jodas, we believe in a “Quality first” approach. Our commitment to Quality in all our activities is uncompromising. Quality drives every stage in the process of research, development, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and distribution of our medicines.

“We continuously invest our time and resources in the quest to achieve higher levels of quality execution and quality medicines. Our stringent Quality Management System (QMS) ensures that Quality is built into each and every component of the system”.

Our world-class, manufacturing facilities feature state-of–the–art analytical instrumentation, quality control and microbiology labs to assure the quality of our products. All equipments are certified and every quality process is validated. We ensure absolute compliance with safety, health and environmental friendly processes.

Our highly committed Quality team is conversant with all the regulatory, and Quality Management Systems (QMS), and ensures strict adherence to guidelines of all global regulatory bodies.

Our qualified quality assurance team continuously assesses and upgrades our infrastructure, processes, procedures, technologies and our people, assuring the highest quality products.

Our aim is to improve processes, products and services at all steps of our operations to ensure quality of high standards, and deliver maximum customer satisfaction at an economical advantage to customers and end users.