Driven by Relentless Innovation

Research and Development is the fulcrum of a Pharmaceutical company, and our attention to the finest details of R & D reflects in our portfolio as well as in our day-to-day activities.

At Jodas, we have taken it as a challenge to constantly innovate and push our own the benchmarks higher. Our state–of-the-art infrastructure, and our committed and highly-skilled team of doctors and scientists bring high-quality pharmaceutical innovations to the market at an affordable value, to cure millions of people worldwide.

Our innovation is derived from our culture of dedication to excellence; to constantly push boundaries and anticipate the outcomes for the future. It is this culture that has ensured that Innovation and quality are the two core values on which our company has been founded.

Key highlights:
  • Key focus is on Generic-formulation-development - with speed-to-the-market
  • Expertise in improving Non-infringing and environmental-friendly processes
  • Strengthening our non-infringing intellectual property in compliance with Global regulatory standards
  • Developing an integrated process development from bench scale and Tech transfer compliance at Lab–Pilot-Commercial levels
  • Collaborating with independent research teams to develop new products.
  • Expertise in developing Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) technology platforms