New-age global-standard, state-of–the-art manufacturing facilities with complete isolation technology, delivers highly complex and hnologically challenging formulations. Innovation, high quality, effective and affordable medicines are the key focus areas at Jodas.

Stringent Quality Management Systems (QMS), a highly motivated and technically competent team, the highest standards of safety; environmental friendly processes compliant facilities deliver quality products that meets highest international standards of quality and safety.

Positioned to manufacture a wide variety of dosage forms from our targeted specialty therapy segments of Anti-infectives, Critical Care, Oncology and Contrast Media Imaging products.

Our capacities:
Unit – I: Cephalosporin’s unit (Anti-Infectives)
Sterile dry powder for Injection: 25mn vials p.a.
Oral Dosage forms: Tablets – 230mn p.a. Capsules – 160mn p.a.
Unit – 2: Oncology unit
Cytotoxic Liquid injections: 16mn p.a.
Cytotoxic Lyophilized injections: 9mn p.a.
Cytotoxic Oral Dosage forms: Tablets – 300mn p.a. Capsules – 120mn p.a.
Unit – 3: Contrast Media Unit
Small Volume Parenterals: 19mn Glass/PP bottles p.a.
Pre-filled Syringes: 2mn (5mL -30mL) p.a.
Large Volume Parenterals: 5mn Glass/PP bottles p.a.