Cephalosporins, a new class of antibiotics are an incredible part of the medicine world. Cephalosporin in particular is developed to fight against bacteria and to prevent their further growth. Cephalosporin is used as first line antibiotics to inhibit bacterial growth in human body. Cephalosporin is often used as an alternative for penicillin in fighting infections.

The line of production set for cephalosporin needs high level of precision and control. JodasExpoim holds a capacity to produce both oral and injectable cephalosporin. Our production capacity is designed taking into account the globally accepted medical norms and regulations. We at Jodas put in expert intelligence and modern technology in controlling the manufacturing of cephalosporin. We deliver consistent high quality and reliable cephalosporin.

Cephalosporin units at Jodas have capacity to manufacture 25 mln vials of sterile dry powder for injection per annum, 230 mln oral dosage of tablets and 160 mln oral dosage of capsules per annum.

S. No Product Name Dosage Form Strength
1 Cephalothin Injection powder for solution DPI 500mg/1g/2g
2 Cefuroxime Injection powder for solution DPI 750mg/1.5mg
3 Ceftriaxone Injection powder for solution DPI 250mg/500mg/1g/2g
4 Cefoperazone Injection powder for solution DPI 1g/2g
5 Cefotaxime Injection powder for solution DPI 250mg/500mg/1g/2g 
6 Cefepime Injection powder for solution DPI 500mg/1g/2g
7 Cefadroxil  Capsules & Tablets  Caps/Tabs 500mg/1g
8 Cefalexin Tablets & Capsules Tabs/Caps 250mg/500mg
9 Cefixime Tablets & Capsules Tabs/Caps 100mg/150mg/200mg/400mg
10 Cefdinir Capsule Caps  300mg
11 Cephradine Capsules Caps 250mg/500mg
12 Cefprozil Tablets Tabs  250mg/500mg
13 Cefuroxime axetil Tablets Tabs  250mg/500mg
14 Ceftazidime Injection powder for solution DPI 250mg/500mg/1g/2g
15 Cefotetan Injection powder for solution DPI 1g/2g
16 Cefozopran Injection powder for solution DPI 500mg/1g
17 Cefotiam Injection powder for solution DPI 200mg/400mg 
18 Cefazolin Injection powder for solution DPI 500mg/1g
19 Cefoxitin Injection powder for solution DPI 500mg/1g
20 Ceftizoxime Injection powder for solution DPI 1g 
21 Ceftibuten Capsules Caps 400mg
22 Cefaclor Tablets & Capsules Tabs/Caps 250mg/500mg
23 Cefpodoxime Tablets Tabs  100mg/200mg

Critical care, a forefront arm of Jodas plays an eminent role in the manufacturing of recently approved finished formulations of critical care products. The need for more advanced critical care has inspired Jodas to foster the technology and put the expertise of its researchers at work in the development of critical care products. We aim at including all the aspects of the disease and the medicines in development of critical care products that works on varied ailments – antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, anti-infectives etc.

The production facility at Jodas are developed taking into account various safety and quality standards. We adhere to various safety measures in order to safeguard the working environment and interests of our personnel. The ultra-modern production units at Jodas include dedicated areas for research, production and packaging. These units are designed to match international standard.

The varied range of critical care products manufactured by Jodas helps recover patients and to prevent and reduce the risks induced by high resistant infections for patients in critical care units, pre & post surgical complications & infectious diseases. The critical care production unit is into manufacturing of various injectable, dry powder inhaler, Lyophilized injections, tablets and prefilled syringes. Our team has been successful in developing next generation Carbapenems like Ertapenem, Doripenem. Our manufacturing includes some of the commonly used ICU products like Amoxcillin/Clavulanic acid, Azithromycin, Heparin, Paracetamol injections, Vancomycin etc.

S. No Product Name Dosage Form Strength
1 Amoxicillin+Clavulanic acid for Injection Lyo.Inj 300mg/600mg/1200mg
2 Azithromycin for injection Lyo.Inj 500mg
3 Clarithromycin  for injection Lyo.Inj 500mg
4 Eptifibatide injection Inj 20mg/75mg
5 Heparin injection Inj 5000IU/mL
6 Heparin injection PFS 5000 IU/mL
7 Imipenem+Cilastatin for Injection DPI 500mg
8 Meropenem For Injection (Dry Powder) DPI 500mg/1g
9 Piperacillin+Tazobactam for Injection DPI 2.25g/4.5g
10 Polymyxin B Sulfate for Injection Lyo.Inj 250000IU/500000IU
11 Teicoplanin for Injection Lyo.Inj 200mg/400mg
12 Tigecyclin for Injection Lyo.Inj 50mg
13 Vancomycin for Injection DPI 500mg/1g
14 Vancomycin+WFI for Injection Lyo.Inj 500mg/1g
15 Atropine Injection  PFS 0.1mg/mL 
16 Enoxaparin Inj 20/40/60/80 PFS 20mg/40mg/60mg/80mg
17 Ampicillin+Sulbactam for Injection  DPI 750mg/1.5g/3g
18 Levosimendan  IV Infusion 2.5mg/mL
19 Aztreonam for injection DPI 500mg/1g
20 Bivalirudin  Lyo.Inj 250mg
21 Ertapenem for Injection Lyo.Inj 100mg
22 Doripenem for Injection DPI 500mg
23 Moxifloxacin Injection IV Infusion 1.6mg/mL
24 Ornidazole injection  IV Infusion 5mg/mL
25 Paracetamol Injection IV Infusion 10mg/mL
26 Linezolid Injection IV Infusion 2mg/mL

Oncology, a prominent wing of Jodas is into research and development of drugs that works for increasing the access to better quality cytotoxic. We at Jodas are committed to bring change in the medicinal world and to add value to the wellbeing of human race. We are equipped with a team of dedicated researchers who use the most advanced technology in developing drugs to fight cancer.

We specialize in the manufacturing of Chemotherapeutic agents, Cytotoxic – the chemotherapy treatment drugs that are extremely complex and critical in nature. With the widespread of cancer ailment, the manufacturing of cytotoxic drugs has become one of the rapidly growing division in pharmaceutical sector. We are into manufacturing of all types of chemotherapeutic agents including latest oral chemotherapeutic agents like Abiraterone, Nilotinib, Dasatinib, Lenalidomide, Lapatinib etc and in Injectables Cabazitaxel, Docetaxel, Zoledronic , in Lyo inj Bortezomib, Bendamustine, Temozolomide, Pemetrexed etc.

We have developed a full-fledged ultra-modern and well controlled facility for finished formulations of cytotoxic manufacturing. Our 3100 sq. mts oncology unit is developed in compliance with US FDA, EU-GMP and MHRA standards. A plant that is managed under STEP – Safety, Tolerability, Efficacy and Price, is the back bone of what we do at Jodas.

Jodas have a prominent presence in manufacturing of finished formulations of cytotoxic manufactured in both oral & injectable form. The oncology facility at Jodas holds a capacity to manufacture both oral and injectable drugs with complete High containment system under OEL category 5. The individual dimensions of our oncology plant are:

  • Oral Solid Dosages - 870 sq.m with a capacity to manufacture 300 mln tablets and 120 mln capsules per annum
  • Injectable area -1350 sq.m with a capacity to manufacture 16 mln liquid injection and 9 mln lyophilized for injection per annum
  • Ancillary areas- 880 sq.m to handle operations, process, storage and distribution
S. No Product Name Dosage Form Strength
1 Temozolomide Capsules 5mg/20mg/100mg/140mg/180mg/250mg
2 Lenalidomide Capsules 5mg/10mg/15mg/25mg
3 NiloƟnib Capsules 150mg/250mg
4 Leuprolide Depo.Inj 3.75mg
5 Cabazitaxel Lyo.Inj 60mg/1.5mL
6 Carboplatin Lyo.Inj 150mg/450mg
7 Docetaxel Lyo.Inj 20mg/80mg/120mg/160mg
8 Irinotecan Lyo.Inj 40mg/100mg/200mg
9 Oxaliplatin Lyo.Inj 50mg/100mg/150mg
10 Paclitaxel Lyo.Inj 30mg/100mg/260mg/300mg
11 Zoledronic acid Liq.Inj 4mg
12 Carboplatin Injection Liq.Inj 150mg/450mg
13 Cladribine Liq.Inj 10mg/10mL
14 AzaciƟdine Liq.Inj 100mg
15 Bendamustine Liq.Inj 100mg
16 Bleomycin Liq.Inj 15IU
17 Bortezomib Liq.Inj 2mg/3.5mg
18 Anastrozole Tablets 1mg
19 Capecitabine Tablets 150mg/500mg
20 Imatinib Tablets 100mg/400mg
21 Letrozole Tablets 2.5mg
22 Bicalutamide Tablets 50mg/150mg
23 Dasatinib Tablets 20mg/50mg/70mg/100mg
24 Erlotinib Tablets 25mg/50mg/100mg/150mg
25 Gefitinib Tablets 250mg
26 Lapatinib Tablets 250mg
27 Sunitinib Tablets 5mg/12mg/25mg/50mg
28 Sorafenib Tablets 200mg 
29 Abiraterone Tablets 250mg
30 Exemestane Tablets 25mg
31 Doxorubicin Liq.Inj 10mg/50mg
32 Gemcitabine Liq.Inj 200mg/1g/1.4g
33 Oxaliplatin Lyo.Inj 50mg/100mg
34 Pemetrexed Lyo.Inj 100mg/500mg
35 Temozolomide Lyo.Inj 100mg
36 Zoledronic acid Lyo.Inj 4mg

Contrast media, an inevitable part of human diagnosis is a niche segment catching up with other wings of medical science. With every new invention in the world of medicines, Jodas have been actively participating in their development and production. Contrast media is one of the most important and the most competitive expertise held by Jodas being one of the first few companies manufacturing contrast media in India.

Contrast media plays a vital role in radiology – Radiology, one of the only ways to diagnose certain life threatening disease and treat critically ill patients. Radiology though an old wing of medicine, has been growing with every new technological development and keeping a pace with skill and expertise is the prime goal of Jodas for better patient health.

We at Jodas offer a wide range of positive contrast media solutions, a complete array of formulations both ionic and non-ionic used for radiological diagnosis. Jodas work for human betterment and we believe in offering efficient and effective products with an edge over pricing. Iodinated contrast media that we manufacture are water soluble and are less harmful to the body organs, products that are of superior quality among other conventionally used contrast media solutions. The iodinated contrast media products manufactured by Jodas are used in Angiography, Venography, VCUG, HSG and IVU.

Jodas as a growing pharmaceutical company is committed to offer better health solutions in providing access to growing requirements of ideal contrast media. To achieve our motto we have planned our manufacturing capacities that stand ahead of the competition. Our manufacturing plants are controlled with high precision and meet various international medical standards. Positive Contrast media capacities at Jodas are:


We manufacture 100ml Vial. We produce 40 such Vials per minute and 20000 Vials per Day.

We manufacture 200ml Vial. We produce 30 such Vials per minute and 14500 Vials per Day.

We manufacture 500ml Vial. We produce 20 such Vials per minute and 9600 Vials per Day.


We manufacture 20ml Vial. We can produce 100 such Vials per minute and 48000 Vials per Day.

We manufacture 30ml Vial. We can produce 60 such Vials per minute and 30000 Vials per Day.

We manufacture 50ml Vial. We can produce 30 such Vials per minute and 14500 Vials per Day.


We manufacture 10ml Syringes. We can produce 1800 Syringes per Hr and 14000 per Day

S. No Product Name Volume, ml Strength
1 Iodixanol 150 mg I/ml 20mL/50mL/100mL
2 Iodixanol 270 mg I/ml 20mL/50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL
3 Iodixanol 320 mg I/ml 20mL/50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL
4 Iohexol 240 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml
5 Iohexol 300 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
6 Iohexol 350 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
7 Iopamidol 200 mg I/ml 30 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
8 Iopamidol 300 mg I/ml 30 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
9 Iopamidol 370 mg I/ml 30 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
10 Iopromide 240 mg I/ml 10 ml/50 ml
11 Iopromide 300 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
12 Iopromide 370 mg I/ml 30 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
13 Ioversol 240 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
14 Ioversol 300 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
15 Ioversol 320 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
16 Ioversol 350 mg I/ml 10 ml/20 ml/50 ml/100 ml/200 ml/500 ml
17 Amidotrizoate Sodium & Meglumine 600 mg/ml 20 ml
18 Amidotrizoate Sodium & Meglumine 760 mg/ml 20 ml
19 Gadodiamide 0.5 mmol/ml 10 ml/15 ml/20 ml
20 Gadopentetate Dimeglumine 469.01 mg/ml 5 ml/10 ml/15 ml/20 ml
21 Gadobutrol 1 mmol/ml 2 ml/7.5 ml/10 ml/15 ml