We believe that companies that can do more, should. That’s why we focus on four key areas in which our specialty can and must benefit the future of humanity and our planet. Our CSR efforts are focused on serving and helping needy and underprivileged communities and providing better and hygienic work and social environment for our employees.
We believe that companies that can do more, should. That’s why we focus on four key areas in which our specialty can and must benefit the future of humanity and our planet. Our CSR efforts are focused on serving and helping needy and underprivileged communities and providing better and hygienic work and social environment for our employees.

Our Objectives

Serving Community for Better Future

We believe that we have to come together and help each other in difficult times for a better future. We pledge to serve and help our community to have a safe and better living environment.

Leveraging Resources

We utilize our company’s internal resources, including research, marketing, financial, human resources, and products, to maximize the facilitation of a better future.

Our Key Areas of CSR

Eradicating Extreme hunger, poverty and malnutrition

The number of hungry people in the world remains unacceptably high. Hunger, poverty and malnutrition are some of the greatest challenges of our time. Not having enough – or having the wrong food causes suffering and poor health, it also slows progress in many other areas of development like education and employment.
One of the main aspects Jodas intends to focus on is eradicating these challenges to the best of its ability. During these critical days where Corona has made the situation worse for the less fortunate, Jodas has taken the initiative by providing food to the needy on a weekly basis, in the form of a ration kit, which includes: Rice, Dal, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Spices, Vegetables, Soap, Detergent Powder, Sanitizer and Milk. Apart from the Covid ration kits, Jodas has also provided weekly meals.

Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women

Globally, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, less access to basic and higher education, greater health and safety risks, and less political representation. Guaranteeing the rights of women and giving them opportunities to reach their full potential is critical not only for attaining gender equality but also for meeting a wide range of international development goals. Empowered women and girls contribute to the health and productivity of their families, communities, and countries, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone. We often conduct seminars for promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

Child Mortality

While India continues to develop on many fronts, child mortality still remains a big issue in the country. Children who belong to the poorest social backgrounds are more likely to die by the age of 5, as compared to those from high-income backgrounds. Child mortality is viewed as the best barometer of social progress and development.

In Jodas, we provide an increased access to a minimum fulfilment of essential services that would significantly reduce high infant mortality rates, such as reproductive health education; perinatal care information and guidance; improved breastfeeding practices; immunisation guidance and education; home-based treatment of diarrhoea; and timely introduction of supplementary foods with Vitamin A all the way to B Complex and other essential minerals.

Maternal Health

Many illiterate women do not know the complications involved in pregnancies and what diets to follow for a safe pregnancy. Jodas has taken on the task to educate these women in hopes of saving many lives of women who die each year, due to complications from pregnancies and childbirth. These deaths can be prevented if the pregnant women had knowledge of certain factors, such as; what diets are to be followed, they should be drinking safe water, should have available sanitation facilities, have access to basic literacy, etc.
Jodas has employed doctors who have a keen interest in this field and are empathetic to the cause, so we can reach out to many pregnant women who are struggling and do not know what to do, what are the risks involved in pregnancies or simply don’t have the means to reach out for medical help. Certain medications which are necessary for pregnant women are also provided to the people who attend these camps.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camps

Jodas has organized weekly free health checkup camps for the general public in various areas. We have decided to arrange camps even if it is in a secluded area for a small population, as Jodas wants to reach out to everyone and doesn’t just aim at a huge crowd. These camps include a group of enthusiastic doctors, nurses, and volunteers who have understood the importance of these camps and take the utmost care in handling each and every person that comes in with various health issues. There is a well-maintained order, in which the patient first gets their blood pressure and sugar levels tested and takes these readings to any one of the doctors stationed in the camp. Not only do the doctors listen to the patients’ problems and explain their prognosis, they also give free medications to every patient. These medications include: Feronia XT (Iron), calcium, vit D3, vit B12, vit C, Fever tablets, Cold tablets, cough tablets, UTI, protein powder, pediatric multivitamins, and multi-mineral syrups, etc.

Health and Safety

At Jodas Expoim, we remain fully committed to achieving excellence through our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programmes. Conducting our activities in a responsible, proactive manner is a core focus of our operations and culture.

As a part of this commitment, our EHS Policy provides for the creation of a safe and healthy workplace and a clean environment for all employees and our served communities. Aiming for, and adhering to, the highest international standards in plant design, equipment selection, maintenance, and operations, our EHS policy is a core commitment of our operations.

Corona virus Prophylaxis and Treatment Programs

During the COVID time, treating patients before they need to be admitted—perhaps even prophylactically—could greatly reduce the load on hospitals, protect healthcare professionals and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

For that specific purpose, Jodas often conducted awareness programs as well as treatment programs for the general public in various areas, where we advised methods (i.e., maintain social distance, always wear mask, sanitization, etc.) to prevent COVID from spreading. We also provide medications antioxidants, Multi-minerals and multivitamins to strengthen the immunity. (From Appetite booster syrups, protein powders, vitamin A/C/D/E/K/B-Complex, etc. to Zinc syrup).

Eradicating Nutritional Deficiency in Geriatric patients

Poor nutritional status and malnutrition in the elderly population are important areas of concern. Malnutrition and unintentional weight loss contribute to progressive decline in health, reduced physical and cognitive functional status, increased utilization of health care services, premature institutionalisation, and increased mortality.

Here at Jodas, we are hard at work, actively trying to reduce the number of people who fall into the above mentioned category. We strive to produce the medication necessary to eradicate malnutrition by providing the essentials, such as Protein powders, zinc supplements, calcium supplements, B-Complex vitamins, ORS sachets and edibles, etc., these are to mention a few.

Breast cancer, Cervical cancer awareness programs

It is very important to understand that Breast cancer and cervical cancer is increasing rapidly in India, hence it is crucial to increase cancer literacy and knowledge within the female population so that they can detect cancer at an early stage and not only manage, but also treat it. Cancer can be prevented in certain cases if you are aware of what necessary changes are to be made in your lifestyle.
Breast and Cervical cancer are 2 of the most common cancers among women, hence Jodas has organized Cancer Awareness Camps which are to target the female population. These camps are aimed at educating women on breast and cervical cancer. To do this, Jodas has hired a group of reputable female doctors who will be explaining what these cancers actually mean, how harmful they are and how they can be treated.