OncologyOncology, a prominent wing of Jodas is into research and development of drugs that works for increasing the access to better quality cytotoxic drugs. We at Jodas are committed to bring change in the medicinal world and to add value to the wellbeing of human race. We are equipped with a team of dedicated researchers who use the most advanced technology in developing drugs to fight against cancer.

We specialize in the manufacturing of Chemotherapeutic agents, Cytotoxic – the chemotherapy treatment drugs that are extremely complex and critical in nature. With the widespread of cancer ailment, the manufacturing of cytotoxic drugs has become one of the rapidly growing division in pharmaceutical sector. We are into manufacturing of all types of chemotherapeutic agents including latest oral chemotherapeutic agents like Abiraterone, Dasatinib, Lenalidomide, Lapatinib etc and in Injectables-Cabazitaxel, Docetaxel, Zoledronic, in Lyo inj-Bortezomib, Bendamustine, Temozolomide, Pemetrexed etc.

  • Product List

    S. No Product Name Dosage Form Strength
    1 Capecitabine Tablets Tablet 150mg, 500mg
    2 Letrozole Tablets Tablet 2.5mg
    3 Anastrozole Tablets Tablet 1mg
    4 Methotrexate Tablets BP Tablet 2.5mg
    5 Erlotinib Tablets Tablet 25mg, 100mg, 150mg
    6 Gefitinib Tablets Tablet 25mg, 250mg
    7 Abiraterone Acetate Tablets Tablet 250mg, 500mg
    8 Lapatinib Tablets Tablet 250mg
    9 Bicalutamide Tablets Tablet 50mg, 150mg
    10 Dasatinib Tablets Tablet 20mg, 50mg, 70mg
    11 Tamoxifen Tablets Tablet 20mg
    12 Exemestane Tablets Tablet 25 mg
    13 Mercaptopurine Tablets Tablet 50mg
    14 Regorafenib Tablets Tablet 40mg
    15 Palbociclib Tablets Tablet 125mg
    16 Enzalutamide Tablets Tablet 40mg
    17 Sorafenib Tablets Tablets 200mg
    18 Imatinib Tablets Tablet & Capsule 100mg, 400mg
    19 Hydroxyurea Capsules Capsule 100mg, 500mg
    20 Sunitinib Capsules Capsule 12.5mg, 25mg, 50mg
    21 Lenalidomide Capsules Capsule 5mg, 10mg, 20mg
    22 Thalidomide Capsules Capsule 50mg, 100mg
    23 Temozolomide Capsules New logo Capsule 5mg, 20mg, 100mg, 140mg, 180mg, 250mg
    24 Bendamustin for injection New logo Injection 100mg
    25 Paclitaxel Injection USP Injection 6mg/ml (16.7ml), 6mg (260mg/43.3ml), 6 mg/ml (5ml), 6 mg/ml (50 ml), 6mg(300mg/50ml), 260mg/43.33ml, 6mg (30mg/5ml), 6mg (100mg/16.7ml), 6mg (300mg/50ml)
    26 Cisplatin Injection BP Injection 1mg (10mg/10ml), 10mg (10 ml fill), 50mg (50 ml fill), 150mg (15ml fill), 450mg 45ml fill)
    27 Gemcitabine for injection Injection 200mg/ml, 1000mg/ml
    28 Pemetrexed for injection Injection 100mg/vial, 500mg/vial
    29 Oxaliplatin Injection 2mg/ml – 25ml/vial, 50ml/vial
    30 Cabazitaxel Injection 60 mg / 1.5 ml
    31 Docetaxel injection  usp Injection 20mg/1ml, 40mg/2ml, 80mg/4ml, 120mg/6ml, 160mg/8ml
    32 Irinotecan hcl injection Injection 20mg (40mg/2ml, 100mg/5ml),  (300mg/15ml)
    33 Melphalan Injection 2mg
    34 Doxorubicin hcl Injection 10mg, 50mg
    35 Carboplatin Injection 10mg (150mg/15ml)
    36 Zoledronic Acid Injection 20 mg
    37 Bortezomib powder for solution injection Lyophilized injection 3.5mg, 2.5mg, 3mg
    38 Azacitidine for Injection (lyo) Lyophilized injection 100ml