Patient Safety is Highest Priority for Jodas Expoim Pvt. Ltd.

To fulfill our commitment to patient safety, Jodas applies a comprehensive, continuous, and rigorous approach to pharmacovigilance. Pharmacovigilance is the science of monitoring, reviewing, evaluating, and communicating information on the safety of pharmaceutical products. We continually evaluate the benefits and risks of our products with the implementation of risk management plans that maximize their safe use.

While we take all measures to maintain the safety of our products, any medicine, no matter how safe and effective, can sometimes cause unforeseen side effects (negative or positive), and it is important for physicians and patients to stay well informed and alert.

Medicine Safety and You

Medicines can help you get well, avoid illness or reduce symptoms associated with a disease. The benefits of a medicine must be weighed against its possible risks, and the decision of prescribing a medicine should be based on patients’ health needs and preferences.

There are many ways to become a well-informed patient:

  • Ask your physician what to expect from your medicine: What side effects may occur, whether any follow-up testing or monitoring will be needed and when to expect an improvement.
  • Read the label and follow instructions: Pay attention to warnings about serious and minor side effects. Notice instructions concerning mixing medicines and avoiding certain activities while using them. Keep in mind that side effects may bring about various states of inconvenience or discomfort.
  • Know your medicine: Know the names and dosages of all the medicines you take and the conditions they treat.
  • Remember your healthcare history: Inform your physician of prior allergies, sensitivities or side effects experienced.
  • Follow the timing and dosage instructions on your prescription: Consult with your physician if you have doubts or concerns.
  • Keep track of a medicine’s effects on your body and mind. Write down any changes and consult your physician.

When to Report to our Pharmacovigilance Service?

Send a message to the pharmacovigilance service if at least one of the following cases has occurred during the medical use of Jodas’ medicine.

  • An undesirable reaction that may be associated with the use of the drug.
  • Absence of therapeutic effectiveness of the drug.
  • Drug interaction, not described in the instructions for medical use of the drug.
  • Detection of falsified products.
  • Errors in the medical use of the drug.
  • Overdosing with the use of the drug.
  • Drug Abuse.
  • Misuse of medicinal product.
  • Even when if you are not sure that an undesirable reaction is associated with this drug, or you do not have complete information, you need to send a message to the pharmacovigilance service.

Protection of Your Personal Data

When submitting a message, the patient agrees to the processing and storage of personal data by Jodas or its authorized representative.

  • The person who sent the message confirms that the information provided to them is complete, accurate and reliable.
  • When providing information, the current legislation, legal rights and interests of third parties are not violated.
  • The information provided is filled in personally.

All information about the patient is strictly confidential. Information about the communicating person will not be distributed publicly.

A representative of the Pharmacovigilance Service of Jodas can contact you to clarify the information provided in the message.

The company “Jodas” undertakes to cease processing of personal data from the moment of receiving an application about this to these email addresses:,

If you have any questions, please call the Hotline of Jodas, here you will find the phone number (the call is free in Russia).

Tel (Russia): +7 499 5030192, +7 980 1948933
WhatsApp (Global): +91 8977608508

How to Report Adverse Events?

We encourage patients and caregivers to contact us using the links given below, or their physicians if they experience any side effect that might be related to one of our medicines.

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WhatsApp (Global): +91 8977608508

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