Jodas Expoim‘s dedicated team of healthcare professionals strives to bring specialty, high-quality, effective and affordable generic formulations to the market, touching millions of lives with good health. Jodas has 250+ approved products in targeted emerging markets with State-of-the-art world-class manufacturing facilities and has successfully commercialized 17 million Injectables in the year 2019, with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Focused to grow further in Emerging markets. The future endeavor is to be a Global generic player in highly regulated markets. We are committed to be “ONE STEP BETTER”, to fulfill the unmet medical needs of the healthcare community around the Globe with branded generic formulations of uncompromising quality. Jodas has constantly upped the benchmark in uncompromising quality, with a pulse on rapidly changing innovation to commercialization landscape through our selection of a product range of affordable medicines and speed-to-the-market, along with our partners and Global supply chain. We continuously evolve our business focus with a customer–centered portfolio of niche and technologically challenging products from specialty and therapeutic segments. Our continuous focus on innovation and quality drives us to fulfill the unmet medical needs of the healthcare community and make the dreams of millions of people across the world come true with much needed medicines at an affordable value.


Jodas is a well-integrated research driven biopharmaceutical manufacturing company developing intellectual property through technology acquisitions, collaborative networking and vibrant in-house R&D, programs. We develop and manufacture bio therapeutics using proven technologies at the state of the art facilities to the highest quality of standards. Our state of the art and dedicated biotechnology facilities are catering both Research & Development and Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals Drug Substances and Drug Products. Our Biologics facilities are located at Biotech Park Phase III in Hyderabad, India.

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