Who We Are

Jodas is a Global, specialty, innovation driven, emerging, generic pharmaceutical company, that is asserting itself among the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies.

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Our Social Responsibility

Our CSR efforts are focused on serving and helping needy and underprivileged communities. Our priority areas are health, sanitation, gender equality and cancer awareness.

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One STEP Better

At Jodas, we believe in a “Quality first” approach. Our commitment to Quality in all our activities is uncompromising. Quality drives every stage in the process of manufacturing of our medicine.

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Relentless Innovation

Research and Development is the fulcrum of a Pharmaceutical company, and our attention to the finest details of R & D reflects in our portfolio as well as in our day-to-day activities.

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Focused on Excellence

People First

To provide high quality, effective and affordable medicines, with a pulse on the rapidly changing novel drug discovery to commercialization landscape.

One STEP Better

Uncompromising QUALITY With a promise of “One STEP Better”. At Jodas, we believe in a “Quality first” approach. Quality in our all action is uncompromising.

Latest Research

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals strives to bring specialty, high-quality, effective, and affordable generic formulations to the market.

For Better World

Our committed and highly-skilled team of doctors and scientists brings high-quality pharmaceutical innovations to cure people worldwide.

Product Portfolio & Technologies