Critical Care

Critical-CareCritical care, a forefront arm of Jodas plays an eminent role in the manufacturing of recently approved finished formulations of critical care products. The need for more advanced critical care has inspired Jodas to foster the technology and put the expertise of its researchers at work in the development of critical care products. We aim at including all the aspects of the disease and the medicines in the development of critical care products that works on varied ailments – antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, anti-infectives etc.

The production facility at Jodas is developed taking into account various safety and quality standards. We adhere to various safety measures in order to safeguard the working environment and interests of our personnel. The ultra-modern production units at Jodas include dedicated areas for research, production and packaging. These units are designed to match international standards.

  • Product List

    S. No Product Name Dosage Form Strength
    1 Bivalirudin Injection Injection 250mg/vial
    2 Levosimendan Injection Injection 2.5mg (12.5mg/5ml), 2.5mg (25mg/10ml)
    3 Dexamethasone Injection Injection 4mg/ml
    4 Heparin Injection 5000 IU
    5 Eptifibatide Injection 20 mg & 75 mg
    6 Octreotide Injection 0.05 mg & 0.1 mg
    7 Azithromycin for injection Lyophilized Injection 500 mg
    8 Clarithromycin for injection Lyophilized Injection 500 mg
    9 Tigecycline for injection Lyophilized Injection 50 mg
    10 Teicoplanin for injection + WFI Lyophilized Injection 200gm & 400mg
    11 Polymyxin B for injection Lyophilized Injection 25 mg & 50 mg
    12 Omeprazole for injection Lyophilized Injection 20 mg
    13 Colistemethate Sodium for injection Lyophilized Injection 1 Mn IU, 2 Mn IU & 3 Mn IU
    14 Caspofungin for injection Lyophilized Injection 50 mg & 70 mg
    15 Voriconazole for injection Lyophilized Injection 200 mg
    16 Daptomycin for injection Lyophilized Injection 350mg, 500mg
    17 Amphotericin B (Liposome) Lyophilized Injection 50 mg
    18 Micafungin Lyophilized Injection 50 mg & 100 mg
    19 Enoxaparin PFS PFS 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg & 100 mg
    20 Vancomycin + WFI Dry Powder Injection 1000mg, 500mg
    21 Octreotide Microspheres for preparing suspension for IM administration 10 mg, 20 mg & 30 mg
  • Availability

    The varied range of critical care products manufactured by Jodas helps recover patients and to prevent and reduce the risks induced by high resistant infections for patients in critical care units, pre & post surgical complications & infectious diseases. The critical care production unit is into the manufacturing of various injectables, dry powder inhaler, Lyophilized injections, tablets and prefilled syringes. Our team has been successful in developing next generation Carbapenems like Ertapenem, Doripenem. Our manufacturing includes some of the commonly used ICU products like Amoxcillin/Clavulanic acid, Azithromycin, Heparin, Paracetamol injections, Vancomycin etc.