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Insectome: A treasure trove of pharmaceutical compounds

Quite often we hear people talking about microbiome disturbance leading to unhealthy aging and going back to our ancestral habits including paleo diet has the potential to cure many diseases. This folk wisdom is supported by some recent scientific publications. However, we have majorly neglected the fact that paleo diet-eating and cave-dwelling ancestors of ours had several insects on their bodies, and inside caves, they constantly fought with insects. Thus we argue, if modern habits are responsible for the current epidemic of metabolic/cardiovascular/neurological and other degenerative diseases, may be insects also had some role to play in the healthier aging of our ancestors as compared to us. In this blog post, we would like to review the benefits of insect bitings/stings published in the literature. Thus we will examine, if an apparent parasitic interaction between humans and insects is a mutualistic relationship in disguise. When an insect bites/stings us, it releases a barrage of biologically active compounds, including those with potential to act as anticoagulant/vasodilator. Can these chemicals be exploited to cure Cardio-Vascular-Diseases/dissolve internal blood clots? More importantly, there are other chemicals which have virucidal, anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties, which in either native or modified form can be repurposed for pharmaceutical applications.

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